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MusicRealms is based in New York City, Our goal is to help fellow musicians get seen and heard. If you are in a band or know someone who is please contact us.

MusicRealms is dedicated to providing Musicians, the best outlet possible to be heard on the Internet. Just as important is our goal to provide you with the best band interviews possible. is owned by Richie Realms., a singer/songwriter who has now made it his goal to help as many musicians as possible.

Our team of musicians, have an ear for the underground and new exciting sounds.

We are always listening for new sounds, bands or solo artists that really have potential.

This website was developed with you in mind.

We know it's a struggle for virtually all bands who are just starting out. Writing songs and learning to play them well is just the beginning.

How do you get anybody to actually listen to your music is the hard part.

The internet can be big help. With itunes, YouTube, Facebook and myspace it's easy to maintain a web presence.

And now MusicRealms would like to help, bands send us demos, for review. If you are interested?

If you're an unsigned band or unsigned solo artist, send us your best recorded song. Address to send demos coming soon.

It must be all your own work (so no cover versions please).

We'll do our best to listen to as many demos as possible, but I'm afraid we can't guarantee we'll listen to absolutely everything.

We will contact you when your demo is reviewed.

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