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November 3rd 2017

Review of Lathanzia
Black Smoke Rising EP.

LATHANZIA is a solo project bringing life to “an interesting tale”, with music centered on a guitar/keys driven sound straight out of the late 70s. “Black Smoke Rising” is a sonic collage ranging from rockers to ballads to epic tales. Written and performed by one who has lived an interesting life. Starting to write music in the late 70s, the creative force has waxed and waned but always been present. With a long performance history as a guitarist, the development of LATHANZIA required adding bass, drums, vocals and keys skills. Having performed with a wide variety ranging from cover bands to choral accompaniment adds depth to the music. In 2018, LATHANZIA will expand to a full band and the CD “Rock, Paper, Tree” will be recorded. The lead track, “Gypsy Dream” is on “Black Smoke Rising”. Each song is a chapter in a “story to be told”.

The LATHANZIA story started taking shape around 2005. There are currently 3 CDs in the story, the third of which is a double CD. The first "book" in the story is the CD for 2018, "Rock, Paper, Tree". This CD introduces some of the main characters and looks at past life experiences and precognition in a novel way.

Some of Lathanzia's influences include Rush, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Three Dog Night, Steppenwolf, Black Sabbath and The Stampeders.

LATHANZIA is a one man project created by multi-instrumentalist Eric Young. Drawing on a wide and varied musical background ranging from choral accompaniment to performing as a guitarist and keyboard player in cover bands helped to enable bringing these songs to life. Being trained classically with the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto) and with private teachers coupled with a vivid imagination has led to the creation of long ranging story arcs that the music of LATHANZIA explores.

Tracklist for Black Smoke Rising
1. Waves of Infinity 3:47
2. Secret Rockstar 3:35
3. Gypsy Dream 4:39
4. Shadow Queen 5:08
5. Remember Me 7:58
6. Angel Killers 8:33
7. Today 6:38
8. Remember Me (Acoustic) 8:19

I received Lathanzia's Black Smoke Rising EP last week. It was a very busy week so it was a few days before I had a chance to listen. I put the CD in and played it while I worked. The first track is called Waves of Infinity. As I listened I had a wave of calm come over me it was very soothing. I ended up listing to the whole EP twice and by the time I was finished with my work I found my self singing along with the song Angel Killers which is the sixth track on the EP. Black Smoke Rising and the musical stylings of Lathanzia takes you on a journey through his many playing styles and creates something that is truly uniquely his own.


What was the inspiration for the name Lathanzia?

Eric Young:

Lathanzia is the name of a major character on the third CD, also the title of the third CD. Best description of her would be a warrior leader.


Are you the Secret Rockstar?

Eric Young:

Yes, that was the point of view it was written from indeed. I am an Engineer by trade and a musician by choice.


How do you come up with the idea's for your songs?

Eric Young:

A lot of the time a few lines will come to me and I work from there. It may be months before I have the whole song but I can hear them in my head before I start recording. With a project as long as this one, I have to make a lot of notes to keep track of characters and events. I usually write on guitar as I am (was) a lead player.


When can we expect the full length CD?

Eric Young:

The full length CD is called "Rock, Paper, Tree" and should be released Fall 2018. The first song is "Gypsy Dream"

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